Position Scorecards for your Digital Marketing Team

Have you ever driven a car that needed its steering aligned? Let me paint you a picture.Take your hands of the wheel for a second and the car veers off course, leaving you lunging to regain control and fighting to get back on track while...

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Tom Wood

With a background in video content production and motion design, Tom naturally grew into a wider marketing role as employee #1 at RTOWN. Five years and 400+ customers later, with a purpose to help local businesses succeed, he leads the team generating awareness and qualified opportunities on the channels that matter. Based out of Whistler, BC and chasing adventures across Canada, he is always available for a trailside hangout or "board meeting".
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Marketing priorities for 2020 to move on now

“You know… maybe I’ll wait till tomorrow to grow my business.” 

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Why using paid advertising boosts marketing ROI and grows brands

There’s no escaping digital marketing. And when it comes to proving marketing ROI using digital marketing, paid advertising is the tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of businesses because it works.


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NEWS: Instagram Changes for Business, Google Mobile index and the Facebook Custom Audience Certification Tool

It's been a wild couple of weeks for the big names at the top of the digital marketing world. The biggest story being the Cambridge Analytica scandal that is making daily headlines around the world. While we won't be tackling the scale of it in...

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RTOWN NEWS: Google AMP & Toxic Social

The wheels of change are moving here at RTOWN and part of this growth includes the launch of our new look content hub (it's a blog). The goal, to provide a valuable resource to business owners with advice, opinion, and editorial around the...

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Why Your Business Needs a Digital Marketing Sandwich

You’ve heard about digital marketing and maybe you think it’s a lot bigger than your business. Well, in a way that is true, but it’s the one method of marketing that evens the playing field between you and big business. As we like to say "Helping... Read More

Facebook's new image rules and how they impact your business

As the Facebook algorithm had changed over the years, we have been watching closely. The organic reach of content has been on a steady decline into complete obscurity and the need to strategically boost and promote content has become the norm. We...

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