Why using paid advertising boosts marketing ROI and grows brands

There’s no escaping digital marketing. And when it comes to proving marketing ROI using digital marketing, paid advertising is the tool of choice for hundreds of thousands of businesses because it works.


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Emily Briggs

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5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Homepage

"Your company’s homepage is your home base, your shop window, the cover of your company’s book that you’re bound to be judged by.” —Zoho Academy

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Instagram Just Gave Your Business a Powerful Gift for the Holidays

Two weeks ago Instagram introduced a new feature called Close Friends

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These 6 Tricks Will Make You A Facebook Video Pro

A recent survey by Sensai discovered that almost 70% of small businesses aren’t confident when it comes to their social media marketing.

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8 simple ways to write a killer subject line

Average reading time: 2.5 minutes

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Proof that digitizing your business leads to profit growth

Average reading time: 3 minutes

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4 business podcasts all Canadians should support

As Ulster Media puts it, podcasting is “indeed a thing” in Canada.

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The 5 types of clients all marketing agencies love

We all know that relationships take work. They take honesty, patience, and commitment.  Well, the professional relationship between a client and its agency is no different. 

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Agency Vs. In-house: Who Should You Hire?

Bold, but true: businesses need social media more than millennials need avocados.

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