We are excited to announce our Partnership with SOHO Business Group, a team of professionals who are all about connecting people and small businesses.

SOHO puts on some of the best events targeted at helping business owners; entrepreneurs and executives grow their businesses. Their SME Business Expos offer attendees access to incredible learning opportunities, valuable presentations, expert panel discussions, case studies, and networking opportunities. On the exhibit floor small businesses can connect and learn about the latest and greatest products, services, marketing tools and technology to help grow their businesses and improve their bottom line.

October is Small Business Month and SOHO has designed SME Business Expo’s in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver to bring this community together to network and collaborate. Last week, I was very fortunate for the opportunity to join the SOHO team in Toronto for the local event. I was there to run a social remote and speak on a Marketing expert panel called – “Is Email Marketing Dead? Is Social THE Way of Driving New Customers?”.

My Panel consisted of myself, Andrew Millard of Movember Canada, Jeff Quipp of Search Engine People, and Bassem Ghali of Green Lotus. Our discussion flowed well with complimentary advice for the crowd from everyone.

Key Takeaways

  1. Email Marketing is not dead.
  2. The key to a successful marketing campaign for your small business is to make sure it is integrated.
  3. Social media and email marketing are both essential marketing tools for your business.
  4. Social media has a much longer ROI timeline, whereas email marketing can see quicker results.
  5. Creating engaging content that is relevant to your audience is the best way to be successful with both social media and email marketing.

A Day at the Expo

We started off with the Super Meetup at 8:15AM followed by the official event at 9:30AM. The Panel speakers were incredible, giving insight and interacting with a keen audience. The exhibit floor was buzzing with people shaking hands, networking, and learning about different products and services that can help their businesses. The whole day was concluded with the SOHO SME After Party where everyone celebrated and continued building on the connections made at the event.

The SOHO team worked fast and efficiently to put on such a seamless, high quality event for all attendees and sponsors. Partners of the event included Purolator, Xibita, Dell, Bell, Telus, GoToMeeting, Blink Media, Webnames, and Sage.

SOHO | SME Business Expo Vancouver

RTOWN will have a much larger presence at the Vancouver Expo coming up on Thursday, October 30th. Our team will be participating largely in the event including:

  • Luke Aulin’s contributing on an Expert Panel
  • Our Digital Strategists working with small business owners in the Coaches Corner
  • A Workshop, “Unlocking Your Customers Loyalty Potential” (register here) presented by Tara Chauvin and Luke Aulin

Join us for a great day of learning, networking, and growing your business on October 30th. Learn more: http://bit.ly/10o0aGl


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