RTOWN's Loyalty Contest Drives User Downloads for Local Business

Our Kamloops Solutions Strategist, Cristina Ostapovitch, developed the RTOWN Loyalty contest to drive user downloads for local businesses new to the RTOWN Loyalty Program.

On a daily basis, many Kamloops businesses are on board with RTOWN Loyalty and more popping up everyday. The number of people downloading the app is growing exponentially and RTOWN wanted to help knock it out of the park this summer. So, Cristina threw out a friendly competition to get the support of local business owners!

Here's how the contest went down:

The business that acquired the most "joins" in the month of June would win 2 months free loyalty! Not to mention the bragging rights that goes along with it.

What happened next? Staff members were primed to start stamping:

  1. Mention the app download and loyalty program when the customer first enters the store or when they order their drink/food item
  2. At checkout, provide the customer with their first stamp
  3. Mention loyalty app download, talk loyalty program benefits, stamp at checkout and repeat!

Oh boy did we have a winner!

Cristina is proud to announce that Main Street Clothing Co. led the pack with a fantastic 78 joins! A big round of congrats goes out to the ladies in-store. They rocked it! Better yet? They can now enjoy 2 free months of loyalty!

When Cristina asked Nicki what she attributes to her amazing success with the program, she said it was the hard work of the dedicated staff to tell every customer that comes in that they have a rewards program. The work is paying off!

Honourable mentions to the other Top 10 businesses that participated

  • A&W 57
  • Jardines 37
  • Big Boot Inn 36
  • Market Fresh Foods 36
  • Castles and Cottages 28
  • Eyes International 24
  • SKIN 24
  • Fisherman's Market 21 (Big Koodos since they were only up for a week!)
  • Brownstones 19

We are so pleased to see the growth of RTOWN in Kamloops! June was a fantastic month and our team would like to thank all the businesses for participating in the first Kamloops RTOWN Loyalty contest. The contest was a huge success and there will be plenty more contests to come.

Thank you all and happy stamping in July!

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