Maritz Canada Inc.'s 2011 loyalty report said that 94% of Canadians belong to at least one loyalty program.

Have you recently enrolled your business into a loyalty program, but you're not sure what to do next? Today we're sharing our top three ways to elevate your loyalty program to the next level:

Collect Useable Data

The power of your loyalty program lies within the Loyalty App Dashboard. Here, business owners can track the customer's name, email and birthdate, the frequency of their visits, and how many stamps and rewards they've received.

With paper stamp cards, you get zero information on your customer. Customers leave with a bulky wallet and the business owner must wait patiently for a return visit, with no point of contact between the customer's initial stopover and their next visit.

Reward Frequent Customers

An RTOWN client recently asked his staff, ‘How do they reward high-rollers in Vegas?' This is an interesting concept for loyalty. Why not treat your frequent loyalty customers to a special reward all their own? Incentivize them to return with perks and discounts.

Use your dashboard data to see which customers repeatedly come to your location. Learn what dates and times loyal customers frequent your store to offer them in-store promos such as “double the stamps between 8 and 10am on weekdaysâ€.

Conversely, if you haven't seen a customer in a while, email them a special reward to pique their interest and garner a return visit.

Use Social Media to Boost Engagement

Facebook and Twitter are great places to identify and engage your ‘online advocates'. Get instant feedback on how your customers feel about your loyalty program by keeping a pulse on customer comments, likes and shares. Happy customers will be sure to spread the word!

Change up your loyalty rewards to reflect seasonal items or new products, spread the news on your social media accounts.

Get Started!

A loyalty program is a great way to strengthen your relationship with existing customers and reach out to new ones. Use our tips to elevate your loyalty program to a whole new level!

Need advice on making the most of your Loyalty App? Contact us!

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