RTOWN is excited to announce our collaboration with the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce. The partnership came to fruition when the Chamber recognized the value of having a loyalty program for their members.

The Chamber Loyalty App

When members attend Chamber events, they collect rewards via the Chamber Loyalty App. Those who download the app can search for local deals using the "Around Me" button. Keep a pulse on merchants offering deals and discounts close by.

For every 10 stamps received, the member can choose from collecting 10 Chamber Bucks or donating $10 to a local charity. The 'virtual stamp card' has been a great success as it provides incentive for members to attend events.

Membership has its benefits. The RTOWN Loyalty App for YOUR business.

The RTOWN Loyalty App allows members to create their own unique reward system to design a compelling reason for customers to return to your location more often. As a business owner, you can produce a customized loyalty program with products and rewards that meet your individual business objectives.

Why choose RTOWN Loyalty App for your business:

  • Acquire more customers and gain repeat customers
  • Monitor, analyze, and communicate with your customers
  • It's free to download for the end consumer
  • It's simple, engaging and fun for your customers
  • Customize rewards and cross-promotions
  • Best of all, the ROI is measurable!

If you are - or become - a Chamber member, a $30 set-up fee gives you the first 6 months of the loyalty app for FREE.

Get Started with Loyalty

Are you a local business owner with interest in running a loyalty program? Contact us to learn more about RTOWN's Loyalty App

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