The folks at RTOWN banned together for one reason: to help small businesses compete with the big guys. We we're sick and tired of seeing authentic local shops getting squashed by large chains and big box mega stores. You know the type! Let's put our heads ( and social media voices) together to support our local economies and keep some character in each of our own awesome communities.

We'll be celebrating the little guy by highlighting businesses of all types that deserve a bigger place in our hearts. If you can think of a business we should showcase, make noise about it on social media. We will be using our hashtag in Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook: #ThinkBigShopLocal.

We've also created a Facebook pack you can post to your profile should you feel the same compelling notion to spread the word about shopping local.

We will be featuring businesses across BC including the Tri Cities area, downtown Vancouver, Victoria, Squamish, and Whistler - But there is certainly room for more!

Are you a small business owner? We have created a digital tool set specifically to help small businesses compete with big ones - But we need your input. Is there a digital tool other than social media management, customer satisfaction surveys, a loyalty program app, reputation management or mobile sites that would help your business run better and acquire more customers? - We want to know!

So go forth thinking big and shopping locally!

Don't forget, think big, s

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We help small businesses eat big businesses lunch

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